1. Pray that women and men making pregnancy decisions will choose life!

  2. Borrow the DVD series Making LIFE Disciples for your small group.

  3. Pray and attend the March for Life in January.

  4. Pray for Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center & the Nesting Place.

  5. “Adopt” a single parent from your church and include them in an activity.

  6. Plan to participate in a 40 Days for Life event.

  7. Offer your professional skills to support LL – IT, Social Media, Marketing, etc.

  8. Wear a Nesting Place Maternity Home t-shirt when you go out.

  9. Mentor a struggling young woman or man from your church for 6 months.

  10. Start a prayer-focused pro-life group through

  11. Visit to inquire about a tour of the center.

  12. Buy gift cards and donate them to Lifeline.

  13. Get involved with an Embrace Grace support group in your church.

  14. Pray for your local elected officials and write them a thank you letter.

  15. Talk to your church about supporting Lifeline’s fundraising efforts.

  16. Support the Nesting Place Maternity Home and ask about their Legacy Endowment Fund.

  17. Plan a baby shower at your church for Lifeline.

  18. Become a monthly Lifeline donor! Visit the Donate page.

  19. Pray for abortion clinics and workers.

  20. Donate baby items for our gift bags we give to the moms who chose life!

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