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In the middle of much noise and ever-changing news I’d like to give you a moment of good news.

Here it is…While those who come in our door have deep needs, we’re here to meet and ease those needs. We show love to those who visit our center.  We serve them with joy, love, and hope. Compassion in the name of Christ is at our core.  Because of this, babies are born who might not have been. This is good news.

Here is more good news. Your investment in this work makes this possible.
Together, we’re a team which makes this world better, every day.

Nope, this news probably won’t make it on the nightly news. But it’s true.
And we appreciate all you do to make Lifeline what it is today.

Because of you, we have good news today. Thank you for who you are and giving your support to LIFE!

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